“Marisa has invaluable knowledge of 3D and parametric modeling and her expertise in Revit has allowed the office to streamline production.”


Associate Designer

Marisa is an Associate Designer in the Rhode Island Studio. She enjoys working with forward-thinking clients and being part of a process that transforms guiding principles and design patterns into a reality for teachers and students. Marisa is passionate about working both with local institutions as well as international schools and thinks creatively about how to achieve the best possible educational spaces while taking into consideration each school’s own unique ethos. Marisa works at all stages of the design process, from discovery workshops to master planning, schematic design to design development, visualization and construction documentation. Although many of the projects that Marisa has worked on have been different in size, location, and desired program, all projects ultimately have the same goal – giving students an educational space that promotes collaboration, socialization, flexibility and variety in teaching and learning activities.

Marisa designs through a combination of sketching, drafting and 3D modeling. While earning a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Roger Williams University, Marisa learned a variety of ways to express design intent and visualization in both 2D and 3D mediums. She is proficient in current design and BIM technologies including Revit, Autocad, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Prior to working with FI, Marisa worked as an Architectural Intern at the Naval War College and previously as an Architectural Intern at Oyster Works. Before joining us, Marisa also spent time in Guizhou, China as a volunteer English mentor. When not in the studio, Marisa spends her free time exploring Providence and working on creative projects.