“Ellen is currently pursuing her architectural license and harbors an ongoing interest in interactive academic design.”


Senior Designer

Since joining our Michigan studio, Ellen has brought her expertise in 21st century learning spaces to a multitude of educational facilities, ranging from Early Childhood Education centers, to all girl’s schools and international high schools. While her design portfolio is varied, all of her projects share a similar goal- to create flexible, comfortable, and supportive spaces that encourage fun in learning at every turn.

Educational spaces are more than just an architectural design to Ellen, they present an opportunity to stimulate intellectual, social, and emotional growth for 21st century students. Whether it is working with a group, exploring a new skill, or blossoming a new friendship, she feels thoughtful educational spaces can result in experiences that enrich everyday lives. From in-house research around gender differences in educational spaces to the relationship of design with neuroscience, Ellen is always searching to bring learning environments to life through unique design solutions.

Ellen holds a B.S. in Architecture from Northeastern University, with a minor in International Affairs, and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan. She has researched, taught, designed, and participated in educational events throughout the world, which has helped her contribute to local and international projects at the firm. Recent projects with FI include designs for an elementary school in Cedar Falls, Iowa; a master plan for an all girl’s catholic school in Virginia; and an early childhood education center in Shanghai, China.