“While his long-term interests lie more firmly in architectural and educational theory, Charlie currently pursues applications that put theory to practice to transform the learning environment and experience for younger generations.”


Senior Designer

Charlie has a diverse background in architecture, theatrical design, and education, and has been working with Fielding’s Michigan Studio for more than five years. As an architect, he leverages this varied expertise by approaching every new project from multiple viewpoints, always seeking to couple functional design with more aesthetic and experiential qualities. Given the importance education has in shaping not only the minds of students but the values of their communities, he firmly believes that schools should be inviting, engaging, safe spaces for those they house.

With interests in spatial and educational theory as well as practice, he continues to pursue theatrical design work in the greater Detroit area, and participates in design reviews for ArcPrep—a one semester college-level architectural course offered to high school students. Always eager to continue his own education, he takes every opportunity to pursue teaching at all levels in addition to his own academic research.

Recent projects include master planning for The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia; a new Innovation Center for Mound Fort Junior High School in Ogden, Utah; an Early Childhood Center addition to Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, Michigan; and conceptual designs for the Greater Memphis Adventist Academy in Memphis, Tennessee.

Charlie holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Northwestern University.