A new resource to help schools design learning environments for student success. Fielding Partners
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Running October 6-27, Fielding International is honored to co-host this free event that highlights powerful stories at the intersection of education, youth empowerment, and social justice This is Our Chance
Film Festival
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Strategies and models to help schools consider options during ongoing pandemic. COVID Resiliency: Learn More Low-cost renovations can lead to big changes in learning, no matter your school size. The Power
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Discover how one determined teacher started a STEM space revolution. STEM Center
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Designing schools where learners thrive

Fielding International (formerly known as Fielding Nair International) is an award-winning international education design firm. We design school facilities for today and tomorrow with one primary goal in mind—to improve learning.

We are interdisciplinary designers. We help our clients to envision and design innovative schools that support student-centered learning. The environments we design form both a continuum in our exploration of learning, and also a unique expression of our school partners and their missions.


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